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David Bostock is a native of the Pacific Northwest, specializing in landscape, nature, wildlife, and cityscape photography. He discovered his passion for photography while working on his high school yearbook. As he continued his studies in Photographic Art, David found his love of nature and the outdoors provided wonderful pictorial subjects. He studied with Art Wolfe, David Middleton, and Freeman Patterson to gain knowledge of photographic lighting and design. He also studied art history, particularly the High Renaissance and Baroque periods, as a way to bring artistic design to his photographic images.

He spent several years exploring Black & White photography before moving to color film and finally to digital imaging. The digital medium allows him to combine his photographic and technical skills to shape the entire image-making process, from image capture to fine art print. David utilizes Canon’s professional line of digital cameras and lenses. He is skilled in all aspects of digital photography, including digital capture, digital darkroom processing, color management, printing, and presentation of fine art prints. He uses Adobe Photoshop image software to create works for print and the web.